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Top 10 Studios in Austin for Video Production

Updated: Apr 3

Bennett Creative video production shoot at St. Elmo studio in Austin

Behind the scenes on a Bennett Creative video production and marketing shoot for Olly at Soundstage at St. Elmo.

Austin, Texas boasts a vibrant and thriving community of video studios that cater to the city's dynamic and diverse creative scene. These studios range from state-of-the-art facilities equipped with the latest technology to more intimate spaces that foster a collaborative and innovative atmosphere. The city's reputation as a hub for music, film, and technology converges within these studios, attracting filmmakers, content creators, and musicians alike. Many video studios in Austin offer a comprehensive range of services, including video production, editing, sound design, and post-production, ensuring that artists and creators can bring their visions to life seamlessly. With a blend of cutting-edge technology and a welcoming creative community, Austin's video studios play a pivotal role in shaping the city's identity as a cultural and artistic hotspot in the heart of Texas.

Bennett Creative video production and marketing has worked with a number of these studios in producing music videos, explainer videos, commercials and more. In this blog post we are listing, in no particular order, some of our favorites, what we like about the studios we’ve used and what is up and coming on the Austin studio scene.

Here are our picks for the Top 10 Studio Spaces in Austin for Video Production!

1. Aduro Film

Aduro film studio

Aduro Film was started in 2011 as an owner/operator service provider and equipment rental service out of their garage. Over the years they have grown and expanded and now have a warehouse in North Austin complete with two studios as well as offering film equipment rentals and an expendables store. Aduro Studios provide convenient full-service production services to local and international talents. They are a one stop shop for any type of filming production.

2. Stray Vista

Stray Vista, located in Dripping Springs, Texas is a dream for everyone involved in a video production from directors, producers, DP’s and actors to location scouts. Stray Vista, comprised of filmmakers who opened a studio, hosts the largest LED virtual production volume in Texas. 

3. Austin Studios

Austin Studios

Austin Studios, operated by the Austin Film Society in partnership with the City of Austin, is a hub for the region’s creative media ecosystem. Located at the former Robert Mueller Municipal Airport, this 20-acre film and creative media production complex is conveniently located in central Austin. Austin Studios’ production facilities currently feature seven sound stages, a large cyclorama, a mill/wardrobe facility, two flex stages, production offices, and parking for base camp and set construction.

4. St. Elmo Sound Stage

Sound Stage on St. Elmo, located in South Austin, Texas. St. Elmo is one of Austin’s premier independent studios. St. Elmo has established itself as one of Austin’s most affordable, distinguished, and reliable Cycloramas for film production, photography, and creative events. Bennett Creative video production and marketing has used the Sound Stage at St. Elmo for numerous shoots.

5. Caster Studios

Caster studio via their website

Caster Studios, also located in Dripping Springs, Texas, is an entertainment studio pursuing premium film and television projects that raise the ordinary to something extraordinary. They aim to delight an audience with unforgettable cinematic experiences by engaging minds and captivating hearts. Caster has been in business for fifteen years and provides everything you need from development to production all the way through to distribution.

6. ATX Film Studio

ATX film studios via their website

ATX Film Studios’ turn-key facilities feature high ceilings (28’-33’), a 5-acre backlot, secure wardrobe and laundry facilities, 200+ parking spaces, 30 loading bays for 18 wheelers, and two wide drive-up ramps directly into studio facilities. Located in South Austin. ATX Film Studios has been home to Fear of the Walking Dead and Sypkids, as well as working on national campaigns with State Farm, Tommy Hillfiger featuring Shawn Menes and the US Men’s National Soccer Team, just to name a few.

7. Archetype Studio

Archetype Studio image via instagram

Archetype Studio is a premier film production studio and photography space in Austin, Texas, offering top-notch facilities and in-house design and fabrication services. With a range of versatile features and state-of-the-art equipment, it caters to the needs of filmmakers, photographers, and creatives in various industries.

8. Originator Studios

Originator Studios, a production and event space in East Austin, is as versatile as the founders are. The studio functions as a video & photo studio as well as a group VR Arcade in between. They’ve hosted a range of technology, music and film events in their studio as well as the large parking lot. The studio boasts a 800 square food production soundstage with amenities. The studio was recently remodeled to be fully soundproofed.

9. Co-Production House

Co-Production House via their instagram.

Co-Production House (CPH) is Austin's virtual production studio. We built our studio from the ground up to serve our community and the advancement of technology for the Texas film industry. Custom 3D environments are created by our team in Unreal Engine to create photorealistic, artistic, or branded worlds. Film with your choice of camera tracking systems (Ncam or the Sisu C20 cinema robot) or use your custom environment as a backdrop with our hybrid approach. 

10. Distribution Hall

Distribution Hall image from their website.

Distribution Hall is centrally located in the heart of East Austin's entertainment district with an abundance of urban backdrops and scenery just outside of its back doors. Distribution Hall provides the largest infinity wall in downtown, over 500 amps of un-metered power, and versatile spaces to accommodate any production needs from script to screen.


In addition to the excellent roster of current studios, two more giant studios are to open in the near future. 

Hill Country Studios by Austin Monthly.

Hill Country Studios spans 200 acres of breathtaking Hill Country landscape. Situated 30 minutes from downtown Austin, the studio will provide over 800,000SQF of studio facilities built to meet the highest standards of the industry, with 12 purpose-built sound stages, 4 workshops, and over 200K square foot of spacious production office space designed to provide a comfortable and efficient work environment for productions of all sizes.

Bastrop 552 movie studio and campus in Bastrop. (STG Designs)
The design for the studio space at the Bastrop 552 movie studio and campus in Bastrop. (STG Designs)

Bastrop 552 is said to open at the end of 2024, by Los Angeles studio Line 204 owner, Alton Butler. Bastrop 552, 35 miles east of Austin, will be developed along the Colorado River. The studio will offer stages, office space, warehouses, roadways for filming and more, all on over 600 acres near Bastrop. 

Is Austin a good city to film in?

The answer to that question is undeniably a yes, Austin is a great city for film. The thriving film studios in Austin stand as a testament to the city's dynamic and diverse cultural landscape. With its unique blend of creativity, talent, and a welcoming community, Austin has emerged as a notable hub for filmmakers and studios alike. The city's rich musical heritage and vibrant arts scene contribute to the film industry's success, fostering an environment that encourages innovation and collaboration. As Austin continues to attract filmmakers and storytellers, the local film studios play a pivotal role in shaping the city's identity as a flourishing center for cinematic expression. The future appears promising for Austin's film industry, with its potential to produce compelling narratives that resonate not only locally but also on a global scale. Bennett Creative video production and marketing has long loved the studios available to us and can’t wait to use them for projects in the future.

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