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Austin Animation Studio

Custom Illustration, 2D Animation, 
Motion Graphics & Stop Motion for Brands

Since 2017, we have been helping Austin companies tell their visual story with animation, motion graphics, and stop motion. We are all looking for ways to make our brand pop. Character and scene animation are a great way to catch the eye on a newsfeed. We work with software, SAAS, app and tech companies to create explainer videos. We want to unlock the potential of animated advertising for your brand. Our talented team of animators and designers create compelling and persuasive animations that leave a lasting impact on your target audience. From captivating explainer videos to attention-grabbing commercials, we specialize in delivering top-notch animation services that enhance brand visibility and drive business growth. Embracing innovation and creativity, Bennett Creative is your trusted partner for turning ideas into powerful animated marketing campaigns.

Video is great. But video with motion graphics is even better! If you really want to drive home your message, using text motion graphics is highly effective. Want to show off those new app features? Motion graphics hovering over a phone or computer are always a good idea. Reach out to us today about adding motion graphics to your video production project. Bennett Creative is a premier commercial motion graphics company based in Austin, Texas. We are dedicated to transforming your brand's vision into captivating visual experiences. Our talented team of motion graphics artists excels in crafting dynamic and engaging animations that resonate with audiences across various platforms. From fun explainer videos to attention-grabbing marketing materials, we specialize in delivering high-impact solutions that elevate your brand's presence and drive results. With a commitment to innovation and creativity, Bennett Creative is your trusted partner for exceptional motion graphics services.

Bennett Creative is one of the few stop motion companies based in Austin, Texas. We bring a unique touch of charm and creativity to your brand's advertising campaigns. Our skilled team of stop motion artists and animators specializes in creating captivating and visually appealing stop motion animations that capture the imagination of your audience. From product promotions to brand storytelling, we excel in delivering high-quality stop motion productions that set your brand apart and leave a lasting impression on viewers. Reach out to Bennett Creative for exceptional stop motion content that elevate your marketing efforts.

Digital illustration is a cornerstone of modern branding and marketing for its ability to create visually compelling and adaptable content. It allows companies to craft unique, eye-catching visuals that convey their brand identity effectively. The versatility of digital illustrations makes them suitable for various platforms, from websites to social media and print materials. They are cost-effective and enable businesses to update and modify their branding swiftly. In the age of shareable content, digital illustrations enhance brand visibility and engagement, making them an essential tool for successful marketing strategies. Need to hire a digital illustrator? Reach out today!

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