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How much does a video cost? 

About as much as a car... 

Do you just need a stick-shift Ford to get you where you need to go? 

Or do you want a self-driving Range Rover with air-conditioned seats and a custom paint job, that's going to turn every head in the neighborhood? 

Price depends on the services you need, your involvement, and how prominently you want this particular video to lead your marketing.


Do you just need to get from Point A to Point B?

Or do you want to turn every heads with this video? 

Everyone hates hearing, “It depends,” so here's a peak at pricing for Bennett Creative.


Our usual minimum project budget for engaging with a new video client


Our average scope for video projects over the last twelve months


Our biggest scope for a video project over the last twelve months

At the end of the day, every video project is a custom endeavor.

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of different factors that go into each production that can affect the budget and turnaround time.

Here is non-comprehensive list of the services we provide that determine a project budget.




We love pitching concepts, write scripts and making storyboards for our project, but it is an added creative service. Some projects, like documentary-based projects, don't need as much scripting.

The number of days it takes to film a project creates a multiplier for many line items, but not all. For example a two-day shoot is not simply 2x a one-day shoot. There's a lot that goes into setup and mobilizing the crew. 

We provide full casting services on the cheap, but it's talent & agent fees that can get expensive quickly. Agented actors, speaking lines, & usage terms can all add to the talent costs. Talent will also usually need wardrobe and a hair/makeup artist.  Of course, not all projects need hired talent. 

If we are shooting in your office, this probably costs $0, but for our bigger commercial videos and studio productions, renting locations can be a big line item. 

Once you have a location, you might need to art direction. That means dressing the scenes with curated furniture & props, or even building custom sets

Budgets don't go up - they go up and out. The more custom the project, the more division of labor needed to pull it off effectively and safely. 

Are we just editing one 30-second spot, or a whole 50-episode online master class series? How long is each deliverable?  

Frame by frame work is inherently time-intensive. We love doing it, but be prepared for a longer turnaround. See our
animation work.

Q: Can you get this to me in two weeks?
A: Probably, but it will cost you!

Still have questions? Want to discuss a project? 
Reach out and we would love to brainstorm some ideas with you!

Let's talk about it

Austin Video Production Commercial Photographer Andrew Bennett Creative Marketing

The cost of creating a video can vary widely depending on several factors, including the complexity of the project, the equipment used, the expertise of the professionals involved, and the overall production scale. In general, the cost can be broken down into pre-production, production, and post-production expenses.


During pre-production, costs may include scriptwriting, storyboarding, location scouting, and talent acquisition. Professional scriptwriters and experienced directors may demand higher fees, while the need for special locations or talent can significantly impact the budget.

Production costs involve expenses related to the actual shooting of the video. This includes fees for the camera crew, actors, and any necessary equipment such as cameras, lighting, and sound gear. Higher quality equipment and more experienced crew members will contribute to a higher overall cost.


Post-production costs encompass the editing, sound design, visual effects, and any other enhancements made after filming. Skilled editors and specialized software can drive up expenses during this phase. Additionally, licensing fees for music, graphics, or stock footage may add to the overall cost.


It's essential to consider the intended purpose and audience of the video. A simple promotional video for social media might incur fewer costs compared to a high-end commercial production intended for television broadcast.

In conclusion, the cost of making a video is a variable that depends on various factors. Small-scale projects with minimal requirements can be relatively inexpensive, while large-scale productions with high-quality standards and intricate details can incur substantial expenses. It's crucial for businesses and creators to carefully plan and budget for each phase of the video production process to ensure a successful and cost-effective outcome.

The cost of a Super Bowl commercial is one of the most expensive advertising investments a company can make. The pricing for a 30-second spot during the Super Bowl can fluctuate annually based on factors such as viewership, the competitiveness of the advertising market, and the overall popularity of the event. As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, the cost for a 30-second commercial during the Super Bowl typically ranged from $5 million to $6 million.

The high cost is justified by the massive viewership that the Super Bowl attracts, making it one of the most-watched television events in the United States. Advertisers see this as a prime opportunity to showcase their products or services to a vast and diverse audience. The Super Bowl's broad appeal ensures that commercials reach millions of viewers simultaneously, providing unparalleled exposure.

In addition to the actual airtime cost, companies often invest significant sums in producing high-quality, attention-grabbing commercials. The competition for attention during the Super Bowl is fierce, with advertisers striving to create memorable and impactful ads that stand out in the minds of viewers.

Despite the hefty price tag, many companies view Super Bowl commercials as a strategic investment, given the unparalleled reach and cultural significance of the event. The potential for increased brand visibility, consumer engagement, and the lasting impact of a well-received Super Bowl commercial can make the substantial financial commitment worthwhile for companies aiming to leave a lasting impression on a massive audience.

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