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Explainer Videos With Custom Set Design and Motion Graphics

Q: How do you make an eComm video really stand out?

...By building four custom sets, hiring amazing talent, and adding dynamic motion graphics. Our friends at OLLY gave us an amazing opportunity to deploy all of our favorite elements of video production in this series.  

OLLY needed videos to populate their eCommerce sites, but they wanted something with more flare than your typical demo video. After sharing some reference points, we got to work scripting and storyboarding the following spots. We wanted to go big with the visuals, so we enlisted art director Joscelyne Ponder to build four custom sets that we would use for 2-3 videos each. Wardrobe stylist, Jane Black, also did a great job matching wardrobe to the set design.

This was our biggest project of the year, but also the most rewarding. We love how these turned out and want to say a big thank you to the amazing crew that helped make it come together.


Director - Andrew Bennett

Producer - Nate Ellering

DP - Blake Mendoza

AC - Jacob Voss

Gaffer - Peter Klemek

Grip - Dan Leonard

Swing - Isaac Rowry

Wardrobe - Jane Black

HMU - Shanae Coffman

PA/BTS - Alex Larramendia


Art Director - Joscelyne Ponder

Scenic - Janiece Gonzalez

Carpenter - George Robalino

Art Asst - Michaela Beach

Art Asst - Phil Rios

Art Asst - Jenny Durkin

Art Asst - Lauren Bruno

Art Asst - Adrien Hancock

POST - Bennett Creative

MFX/Audio - Ryan Scanlin

MFX/DIT - Charlie Boothby

MFX - Dorothy Bennett



Kayah Franklin, Anna Schatte,

Kylen Chen-Troester, Olivia Nice

GVTCRebrand_August2021 23.jpg

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