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Our Reels Went Viral, How Yours Can Too

Updated: 4 hours ago

We went viral. A few times, actually.  

Recently a few clients that Bennett Creative video production and marketing do social media for went viral. We’ve gone viral in the past with our own content, but the recent success has us asking, how exactly do Reels go viral? We have a few guesses, but we can’t really nail down a recipe for a viral Reel. In general, Andrew Bennett believes if you just keep posting content it’s going to happen at some point.

 “Going viral is like the stock market. You never know when it will happen, but when it does, you’re not entirely surprised”.

We were a bit surprised when the Instagram Reels we posted for Ace’s Custom Builds about a Komatsu bulldozer and for Dake Land Design about jasmine trellis took off. When posting we didn’t feel like anything was majorly special, but as the likes and views started pouring in, we started analyzing. 

Instagram Reels has emerged as a powerful social media tool for capturing attention and driving engagement. With its short-form video format and extensive reach, Reels presents an unparalleled opportunity for content to go viral. Today we’re going to look at what we think helped these posts go viral.

The Power of Glitchy Audio

One factor that tends to blow people's minds a little bit, or at least make them laugh, is the power of glitchy audio. In the Reel we posted for Ace’s Custom Builds about the bulldozer, the beginning of the audio is a bit glitchy.  We’re attributing the attention, in part, to that.

In social media, a place where perfection often reigns supreme, there's an intriguing paradox: imperfection can sometimes be the key to virality. Glitchy audio, with its unpredictable stutters and unexpected pauses, possesses a captivating allure that can turn an ordinary Instagram reel into a viral sensation.

One reason for this lies in the element of surprise. Our brains are wired to seek patterns and predictability, but when those patterns are disrupted by glitches or clipped audio, it jolts us out of our expectations and grabs our attention. Moreover, glitchy audio can create a sense of urgency. Viewers are compelled to lean in closer, trying to decipher what's being said or what's happening in the video. 

Additionally, imperfections humanize content. Social media is dominated by filters and flawless editing, a glitch or a clip reminds us that there's a real person behind the screen. It's relatable, raw, and authentic—a refreshing departure from the polished facade of perfection that inundates our feeds.

The Importance of Authenticity

In the pursuit of virality, authenticity emerges as a guiding principle that underpins the success of Instagram Reels and video content in general. Unlike traditional advertising or promotional content, Reels thrive on genuine connections and relatable storytelling. Audiences are drawn to content that feels authentic and resonates with their own experiences, values, and emotions. Creators who can authentically express themselves and connect with their audience on a human level are more likely to foster meaningful engagement and cultivate a loyal following.

Jason Strange, owner of Ace’s Custom Builds, is super authentic. His voice, the southern draw, pulls people in as he talks about his beloved dozer, not something you see everyday on Instagram. 

Authenticity manifests in various forms within Instagram Reels, from raw and unfiltered moments to candid behind-the-scenes glimpses into a creator's life. By showcasing their true personality, quirks, and vulnerabilities, creators can forge genuine connections with their audience, fostering a sense of community and belonging. This authentic connection forms the foundation of virality, as viewers are more inclined to engage with content that feels genuine and relatable.

But It Also Helps if You’re Good Looking…

Not to be vain, but we undoubtedly live in a culture that rewards the good looking people of the world. Andrew Bennett speculates that it helps that Christian Dake, landscape designer and owner of Dake Land Design, is a handsome fellow, as one commenter pointed out. We have a sneaking suspicion that could help boost views. Unfair yes, but such is what our culture values.

That isn’t all Christian Dake possesses, Andrew Bennett personally adores Christian’s unique personality. He has a cadence to his voice, a rhythm that just flows. This goes back to authenticity, to his full personality coming out and clearly not trying too hard to be perfect.  

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Program

Social media is fast-paced, attention spans are fleeting and scrolling is the norm. The concept of a pattern interrupt is like a secret weapon in the arsenal of content creators. It's that unexpected twist, that jolt of surprise, that can catapult an Instagram reel into viral territory. And sometimes, it's the most unlikely subjects that steal the spotlight.

Take, for instance, this 15-year-old, dirty bulldozer. In a sea of shiny, new gadgets and glamorous lifestyles, it's the epitome of the unexpected. But therein lies its power. As viewers mindlessly scroll through their feeds, expecting to see the latest trends and picture-perfect moments, the sight of a weathered bulldozer interrupts their pattern of consumption.

In addition to this, let’s look at Christian Dake, a handsome, masculine type of guy, talking about the beauty of a jasmine trellis, not just the look but the smell, engaging the senses.  He slowly walks through his own privacy trellis boasting the beauty and smell of a flowering vine. This isn’t exactly something you see on Instagram regularly.

But why do these pattern interrupts resonate? In part, it's because the dirty bulldozer and a masculine man talking about the smell of jasmine defies expectations. It's not what you'd typically associate with viral content on Instagram. Yet, therein lies its charm. On social media everyone is vying for attention with flashy gimmicks and carefully curated aesthetics, but these things stand out precisely because it doesn't try to.

In essence, the viral potential of a pattern interrupt lies in its ability to surprise, to challenge expectations, and to connect on a human level.

Clipped Audio, Interaction and Unsaturated Hashtags

Another tip is to add clipped audio that is trending, be it a song or voice audio that is entertaining. Adding your personality to the audio can get your Reel more views. While many people keep their phones on silent and don’t necessarily hear the content, the category of the clipped audio can help your video be seen by people who wouldn’t maybe normally watch it.

Tagging companies and people present in the video can also help extend the reach. We tagged Komatsu in the Reel and they even commented on the post. When a big brand is tagged and they then engage with the post, that helps give the post a boost as well.

Speaking of commenting, in the Dake Land Design post, Christian Dake interacted with the commenters which encouraged people to ask questions, which the landscape designer quickly answered. The more comments and interactions, the higher the Reel ranks on the algorithm. Not only does this boost your content, but it can create a sense of community around a topic.

Another tip Bennett Creative’s Social Media Manager, Luke Fipps, garnered from a OnePeak Creative class, was the idea of using three hashtags that were relevant to the video, but not saturated. 

Lastly, choosing to create content that is trending or seasonally relevant is also helpful.  Andrew Bennett believes that Dake’s content on the topic of home and garden this time of year is something people are wanting to see. Part of the equation is finding topics people are looking for, be it seasonally or what’s trending.

When in Doubt, Pay for Sponsored Content

A few posts that have gone viral for Bennett Creative and Andrew Bennett are behind the scenes Reels we created for video production shoots for Titos and Olly. Behind the scenes Reels are a great way to create authenticity as well, to show how you do something people might be interested in.

Unlike the other two posts, we did pay for these posts to be seen. Paying for a post to go viral on Instagram can be a strategic move to amplify your reach and engagement. By investing in sponsored content, you're essentially leveraging the platform's advertising capabilities to target specific demographics and maximize visibility. This approach allows your content to appear on the feeds of users who may not have otherwise discovered it, increasing the likelihood of likes, comments, and shares. 

Success isn't solely dependent on financial investment; crafting compelling, visually appealing content that resonates with your audience remains paramount. This is why we’ve added marketing to our services. Bennett Creative video production and marketing will make you killer content and then utilize it, getting your brand seen, helping you achieve the holy grail of going viral. 

Post, Post and Post Again

The journey to virality is both an art and a science. Bennett Creative’s recent experience with Ace's and Dake Land Design’s viral Reels underscores the power of unpredictability and authenticity in capturing the hearts and minds of audiences. What started as a seemingly ordinary Instagram Reel about a Komatsu bulldozer and jasmine trellises evolved into viral sensations, sparking conversations and captivating viewers around the globe.

At its core, the success of these viral Reels highlights the importance of authenticity, unpredictability, and relatability in the realm of social media. By embracing imperfections, challenging expectations, and forging genuine connections with their audience, creators have the potential to break through the noise and leave a lasting impact. If you want to go viral, Bennett Creative video production and marketing can help, contact us to see what we can do for your brand.


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