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You know you're an adult when a good mattress protector gets you all revved up.

We had a lot of fun with this project. Often times, when dealing with fixed or stationary products, it can be challenging to communicate their function in a way that doesn't feel standard or boring. But we were up for that challenge!

Going into this project, we knew that our primary goal was to create a body of visuals that highlighted the life around the product. A bed is so many things-- a central place of comfort and rest, retreat and refuge or, if you have kids, play and pastime. We use them everyday for important life moments, so protecting them from wear and tear is a big deal.

Our approach was playful, yet relatable. To avoid things feeling too static and predictable, we incorporated a fair amount of humor into the campaign. From cute dogs in the bed, to spilled morning coffees to ... 80 gallons of water dumped overhead, the UltraPlush message is clear: There is no use crying over spilled anything, because it's not going to stick around for long.


Director: Andrew Bennett

Producer: Mallory Ashwander

Editor: Ben Montez

Motion Graphics: Helaine Bach

Assist: Renee Dominguez

Assist: Sawyer Richburg


by Renee Dominguez

 Tags: UltraPlush, Bennett Creative, Austin, Video Production, Company, Commercial Video, Planner, Director, Andrew Bennett, Dorothy Bennett, Corporate

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