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Stop Motion & 8-bit Animation

Finances are hard to talk about. When ad agency Screamer approached us about explaining UFCU's qualities in short stop motion videos and animations, we were thrilled to try out a few metaphors to help get the point across. With spices, eggs, cakes, and coffee, we created a mock kitchen set and had a blast with our finances-through-food messaging.

A lot of what you'll see in the little stop motion world is handcrafted out of paper. We created three backsplashes using poster-board and hand-cut paper tiles. To remove all brands except the important one (UFCU) we covered all boxed goods with more paper designs. Then, our lead animator, Dorothy Bennett, spent some delightful hours making all of our props come to life. The trickiest part was frying circle-shaped eggs.

We also whipped up a batch of 8-bit animation videos that pay homage to classics home arcade games. 

In our increasingly remote work-space, this project was a perfect COVID safe remedy. The videos are eye-catching and entertaining, and we were able to have extremely minimal crew.

We are excited to share this content with the world!




Director/Animator/Editor: Dorothy Bennett

Agency: Screamer

Producer: Jacqueline Beiro

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