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Intel x SimplyNUC

Product Video for Austin Computer Brand

Making a video for gamers was going to be a fun shoot.

Our longtime clients at SimplyNUC reached out to us for a video that would highlight the features behind their new Intel-powered gaming computers for Black Friday. We wanted to make something that was high-octane and fun to watch. We also needed to showcase all 4 units without giving preference to any one. 

We booked a one-day shoot at Aduro Studio and casted Joey Chance as our gamer-dude. The client provided gamecast footage that we were able to capture live after doing some camera tests. We hung tube lights for simply art direction and shot everything on a gimbal or dolly to create dyanimcs in every shot. 


Director / DP - Andrew Bennett

Producer - Nate Ellering

AC - Ryan Scanline

Gaffer - Isaac Rowry

Grip - Charlie Boothby

Behind the Scenes
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