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Saastock USA

Event Video  + Photography

SAAS Conference Event Coverage

This May, SaaStock reached out to us to cover event photo and video footage of their first ever conference hosted in the United States! SaaStock USA brought its world famous flagship conference from Dublin to Austin, Texas. The event showcased the best and brightest minds in the SaaS industry, gathering together entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts. The conference took place over 3 days.

We covered everything from the main conference: keynote presentations, panels, moderated sessions, fireside chats, to conference after hours: night events, dinners, and happy hours. 

Our team enjoyed attending the SaaStock event while capturing 3 days of photo and video content. We love filming fun transitions and finding new ways to enhance your event coverage. Enjoy our event sizzle we put together for SaaStock USA 2023!

Event Vox Pops
Why Vox Pops Are Important to Capture

Filming Vox Pops for events allows you to capture attendee testimonials and reactions. These testimonials serve as social proof, demonstrating the value and impact of your event. Sharing these testimonials with potential attendees builds trust and credibility, making them more inclined to join your next event.


The content captured from Vox pops become a valuable asset for future promotions. These videos can be repurposed to generate buzz and excitement for upcoming events. They remind people of the great time they had, making them eager to attend future events and share the experience with others.

Lastly, Vox pops provide an authentic representation of the event's attendees. By filming a diverse range of people from different backgrounds, ages, and viewpoints, organizers can showcase a variety of perspectives. This adds depth and richness to event coverage, making it more relatable and inclusive for a wider audience.

Event Photography

We are a local event photography and videography company with yeas of experience creating beautiful memories of your big event. Our team of creative professionals will make the experience of capturing your event fun and seamless. We will shoot all the important moments and provide you with stunning visuals that will make everyone wish they were there. Reach out today to Austin's best event video & photo company

At Bennett Creative, we're an Austin-based video agency that specializes in bringing your brand's visual message to life through expert videography and animation. With over five years of experience, we've had the pleasure of working with some truly incredible brands, including Square, Tesla, Indeed, Dell, Kendra Scott, and Absolut Vodka.

Our streamlined production process is designed to provide a turnkey solution that combines creativity and professionalism in equal measure. We offer a wide range of services, including scripting and storyboarding, talent casting, location scouting, set design, wardrobe styling, cinema cameras and lighting, full post-production, and animation and motion graphics. Whatever you need, we've got you covered! 

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