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Animated Explainer Video with
Mixed-Media Custom Assets 

We were really excited to team up with NoiseAware for this animated explainer video. NoiseAware is a tech company that helps rental property owners maintain peace and profitability by monitoring noise levels while ensuring renter privacy. ​

Since the product is a real physical item, we pitched a mixed-media approach to this motion graphics video. We took photography assets and vectorized them, so we could insert them into more abstract scenarios of familiar scenes. You will also notice that the NoiseAware product itself is a real product photo.

At Bennett Creative, we love doing turnkey projects like this one where we are able to write, custom, illustrate and animate the whole video. We also directed the voiceover artist and provided the sound design. 

As an added bonus, the client loved the final product so much, that they have implemented still images of many of these characters and illustrations throughout their marketing materials! In addition to the still images pulled from this project, we also did several cut downs and loops using the same scenes, to maximize use of this content for the client. 

NoiseAware - Software Explainer Video

Written, Illustrated & Animated  by Dorothy Bennett
Sound Design by Andrew Bennett
Voiceover by Alex Kriese


Vectorized Assets

Custom Asset Catalog

We are an Austin-based 2D motion studio with a team of designers and motion graphics artists ready to make your brand pop. Animation is a valuable tool for creating software videos due to its ability to simplify complex processes and enhance user understanding. Through animated visuals, intricate software functionalities and interfaces can be presented in a clear and engaging manner, facilitating better comprehension. Additionally, animation enables seamless demonstration of dynamic interactions and transitions, which might be challenging to convey through traditional screen recordings. Its versatility allows developers and instructors to craft captivating tutorials, product demos, and instructional materials, enhancing user experiences and promoting effective learning.

We work with business owners and marketing directors to create compelling visual stories to promote their message. Motion graphics are invaluable for crafting compelling software marketing videos. Their dynamic nature and visually captivating elements grab viewers' attention, boosting engagement and retention. With motion graphics, software features and benefits can be showcased in an exciting, easy-to-digest manner, persuading potential users to explore further. The ability to infuse brand identity into the visuals enhances recognition and brand loyalty. Moreover, motion graphics allow for seamless integration of text, graphics, and animations, creating a cohesive and polished marketing video that leaves a lasting impression on the audience.

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