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Dad Saves America

Executive Portraits & Staff Headshots for Media and Podcast Company

Unique Headshots for "Dad Saves America" Staff

Emergent Order Foundation is a media company based in Austin, TX. Their flagship show, Dad Saves America, has over 2 million views. They were building a new website and reached out about taking new portraits and headshots for their staff. We wanted to do something atypical, so we had each staff member bring a prop to the shoot that related to their department or role. A lot of fun ensued!

Executive & Staff Portraits

In addition to the funky staff headshots, we also sat down with each member of the leadership team to take an art-directed portrait shot. Photos like these work great for slide decks, website banners and press releases. We really enjoyed working with the folks at EOF and look forward to keeping track of them on YouTube and their upcoming documentary projects. 

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Staff Portraits

Executive Portraits

Company Headshots

Austin Video Production Commercial Photographer Andrew Bennett Creative Marketing

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