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Brand Video & Lifestyle Photography

Thrasio buys Amazon businesses. Using a straight-forward and efficient 45-day close process, they provide business owners with the ability to move on to their next venture, while knowing that the business they built from the ground up will remain in good hands.

We have really enjoyed our ongoing partnership with this talented team of creative thinkers and problem solvers. Having the opportunity to bring these newly acquired brands to life in a fresh, new way is one that allows us an endless and ever-changing source of content to create!

For the Thrasio brand video, we wanted to begin with the vision. We aimed to create simple, timeless visuals at the Thrasio Headquarters. Additionally, by using documentary-style interviews, thew personality of the brand really shines through in a way that feels authentic and connective.

We continue to be impressed by all of the hard work that goes into each acquisition and are honored to breathe new, creative life into every brand along the way!



Directed by Andrew & Dorothy Bennett

Edited by Ben Montez


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