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Summer Moon

Brand Video, Photography & GIFs

We were excited to get a call from our friend, Isaiah Same, about producing some content for Summer Moon. We have always enjoyed their coffee and special sauce, Moon Milk. 

Like many of our clients, Summer Moon was looking to do a full refresh of their online content: new website (designed by Isaiah), new photos, and a new brand video to tell very interesting story of their operation.

Though one of Austin's most popular coffee shops, Summer Moon is much more than a couple of storefronts. They have a full blown coffee roasting operation just west of Austin that they built from scratch. It features three hand-built brick ovens, where they make their dozen or so different coffee flavors. It's been a family run business for close to two decades. 

There's a great story to tell here. 

Bennett Creative put together a full content package for Summer Moon, including a flagship brand video, lifestyle & product photography, and a handful of video loops to serve as website banners or social media posts they can add text too later. 

We love being able to do turnkey content packages like this for our clients. 


Andrew Bennett - Writer & Director

Isaiah Same - Creative Director

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