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Rob Ammons

Attorney Marketing Videos & Photos

Video & Photos for Lawyers

We teamed up with Rob Ammons to shoot a brand video, website photos and a series of FAQ videos for his Houston-based, nationally renowned personal injury firm.

In the brand video, we ​interviewed Rob about what inspired him to join the legal field and what keeps him motivated to continue to fight for the little guys.

These scenes were shot around Rob's office, personal mock courtroom and the historic Houston courthouse​ over the course of a day. 

Elite Legal Marketing will be building out Rob's new website using this content and using it to drive leads and boost Search Engine Optimization for the Ammons Law Firm. 

Legal Marketing Photography & Videos

In pre-production meetings with Rob's team, we wanted to try a new direction on typical attorney commercials. 

In both the photos and the videos from this shoot, we tried to capture the expertise and experience that Rob Ammons has built over the last several decades of practicing. Our second objective was to shoot this content in a way that reflects the catastrophic nature of the cases he takes. Those goals informed the shooting style, music choice, and color of the work. 

GVTCRebrand_August2021 23.jpg

Are you looking for a professional video production company near you to create legal marketing content? Bennett Creative has collaborated with hundreds of brands to help them tell their story through photo & video. Attorneys benefit significantly from utilizing video content in their marketing and communication strategies. Video allows them to convey the brand message in an engaging and manner. It humanizes their practice by showcasing the attorneys' expertise and personalities, building trust with potential clients. Video content also enhances search engine optimization (SEO) efforts, boosting online visibility. In a visually-driven digital landscape, video content establishes a compelling and memorable online presence, helping attorneys stand out and effectively connect with their target audience. Reach out to Bennett Creative today!

High-end photography is essential for attorneys' marketing endeavors due to its power to convey professionalism and credibility. Quality visuals capture the essence of a law firm's culture and values, making a strong first impression on potential clients. Sharp, well-composed images of attorneys and the office environment establish trust and authenticity, setting the firm apart. In an image-driven digital world, superior photography enhances branding efforts, enriches website aesthetics, and resonates with clients seeking top-tier legal services.

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