3-Steps to Great Videos


DISCOVERY: We take a deep dive into your goals, your brand, your customers & your competitors to develop an informed approach to your video marketing. 

INITIALIZE: We will send an agreement & scope and require a 1/2 deposit to hold shoot dates and begin pre-production.

MATERIALS: You will receive custom documents, depending on the scope, to guide you through the process:
   - Treatment
   - Script
   - Interview Questions
   - Storyboards
   - Animatic 

SERVICES: Depending on your needs, we offer an array of pre-production services to ensure quality:
   - Location Scouting
   - Talent & Voiceover Casting
   - Art Direction (Set & Props)
   - Wardrobe Styling
   - Hair & Makeup


CAPABILITIES: We use cinema-grade cameras, lights & tech to ensure broadcast-quality capturing. Our crew size can range anywhere between
5-30 people, depending on the project. See behind the scenes

We own over $100,000 worth of gear, and have access to several rental houses if we need to supplement our arsenal. We also carry a $2-million insurance policy. 

CLIENT EXPERIENCE: You are always welcome to join us for the shoot! We will provide you a video monitor straight from the camera so you can see what we see. We are also happy to stream you in on Zoom. 

BEHIND THE SCENES: We photograph and film BTS of nearly every production. We are happy to share this content to accompany your final project. It makes for good social media content!



CAPABILITIES: We have full post-production capabilities to take your footage from raw files to a polished, final cut. These include:
   - Editing 
   - Sound Design 
   - Coloring
   - Motion Graphics & Text Overlays
   - Animation

REVISIONS: We use a cloud collaboration platform to streamline the revision process. You can leave notes at the exact timestamp and even point out items in the frame that you want to reference. 

DELIVERY: For most projects, we deliver multiple cut-downs, optimized for social media. We use the same platform to share high-resolution files that are ready to see the world.