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3-Steps to Great Videos

1. Pre-Production

DISCOVERY: We take a deep dive into your goals, your brand, your customers & your competitors to develop an informed approach to your video marketing. 

INITIALIZE: We will send an agreement & scope and require a 1/2 deposit to hold shoot dates and begin pre-production.

MATERIALS: You will receive custom documents, depending on the scope, to guide you through the process:
   - Treatment
   - Script
   - Interview Questions
   - Mockups for set design, wardrobe & props
   - Storyboards
   - Animatic 

SERVICES: Depending on your needs, we offer an array of pre-production services to ensure quality:
   - Location Scouting
   - Talent & Voiceover Casting
   - Art Direction (Set & Props)
   - Wardrobe Styling
   - Hair & Makeup

2. Production

CAPABILITIES: We use cinema-grade cameras, lights & tech to ensure broadcast-quality capturing. Our crew size can range anywhere between
5-30 people, depending on the project. See behind the scenes

We own over $100,000 worth of gear, and have access to several rental houses if we need to supplement our arsenal. We also carry full DICE $2 million insurance policy. 

CLIENT EXPERIENCE: You are always welcome to join us for the shoot! We will provide you a video monitor straight from the camera so you can see what we see. We are also happy to stream you in on Zoom. 

BEHIND THE SCENES: We photograph and film Behind The Scenes of nearly every production. We are happy to share this content to accompany your final project. It makes for good social media content!


3. Post-Production

CAPABILITIES: We have full post-production capabilities to take your footage from raw files to a polished, final cut. These include:
   - Editing 
   - Sound Design 
   - Coloring
   - Motion Graphics & Text Overlays
   - Animation

REVISIONS: We use a cloud collaboration platform to streamline the revision process. You can leave notes at the exact timestamp and even point out items in the frame that you want to reference. 

TURNAROUND: Turnaround times can range from 2-weeks to 8-weeks for most projects. The more animation or motion graphics, the longer the delivery. 

DELIVERY: For most projects, we deliver multiple cut-downs, optimized for social media. We use the same platform to share high-resolution files that are ready to see the world. 

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