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Professional Dentist Photography & Video

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After connecting over Instagram about our work with Toothbar, we were delighted to collaborate with Dr. Cassandre Joseph to develop photos and video marketing content for her brand new dental practice,

We were immediately drawn to working with Dr. Joseph due to her kindness and charisma. She has already built a great online presence, and it was an honor to come in and build upon that foundation. 

Situated in the town of Summerfield, right outside of Greensboro, North Carolina, Dr. Joseph has build a state of the art dental practice from the ground up. 

...sets this dentist office apart from anything else like it in the area. Outfitted with noise-canceling headphones and a TV screen above every dental chair, patients are able to escape from some of the more uncomfortable elements of a dentist visit. The practice also boasts a Relaxation Room where patients can sit back in lazy chair and curl up with a blanket, while essential oils guide their senses towards tranquility. It's truly an epic dental experience. 

To develop marketing content this unique dental practice, we spent two days with Dr. Joseph capturing video and photo content for their website and social media channels. We conducted interviews with Dr. Joseph and patient testimonials with some of her biggest cheerleaders. We also gather photography through the practice, with special attention to showcasing the beautiful office interiors. 





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