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Animated App Store Video

In a world of instant access to just about everything, it can be difficult to give unique gifts that are both meaningful and personal.


inLieu is changing that with their app

We've all experienced the last-minute gift scramble. The moment of pure dread, when your friend's dinner party is an hour away and you're empty-handed. The frantic mall-run where you find yourself desperately eyeballing every random object in sight, hoping that one of them will be the one... but none of them ever are. Our flailing efforts ultimately and predictably end with a scented, soy wax candle and a bottle of Red Blend wine. And, while we are fairly certain that one can never have too many candles, we also know that giving feels best when there is heart behind it.

What if, in lieu of all of the impersonal, last-minute candles, there were a way to give meaningfully, conveniently? InLieu is not only changing the way we give, but it's also changing the reasons why. 

With the ease and simplicity of an in-phone app, you can now gift friends, loved ones and even strangers with a special donation to a cause they care about. Whether it's in celebration of something or an offer of condolences, inLieu has created a special space for thoughtful giving-- all with a few clicks of a button.

We were honored to partner with this team of do-gooders, to create animated stills and videos that communicate the many facets of such a wonderful gifting platform. The idea was to highlight the simplicity of the app and, therefore, the fun of giving (because, when it isn't stressful, it's fun!) As a result, we hope to help in Lieu create a culture where doing good to all, is the best gift of all.

inLieu Animated Brand Video

inLieu - Animated Brand Video

Dorothy Bennett- Director
Helaine Bach- Animator
Charlie Boothby- Animator

inLieu Brand Graphic Design

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