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GVTC Hometown

Narrative Telecom Video Production

GVTC is a regional telecom company based in San Marcos. To help them rollout an updated brand Bennett Creative wrote and produced "GVTC Hometown" to reflect their close ties to the community and all the services they provide. We scripted and storyboarded this commercial, and handled all the production and post-production. We love being able to do turnkey content like this for our clients. 

GVTC Hometown

Director - Andrew Bennett
Producer - Jackson Blair 
DP- Blake Mendoza
1st AC -Nate Ellering
Gaffer - BJ Lewallen
Grip - Joe Vasquez
Audio - Drew Silverman
Props - Ryan Scanlin
Wardrobe -Renee Dominguez
HMU - Selma Sosa
MFX - Charlie Boothby / Dorothy Bennett
Storyboards - Cody G

Stills - Isaac Rowry

Dad    - Arturo Gonzales
Mom- Yvonne Ontiveros
Son - Jude Ruiz
Sister - Cadence Lee
Designer - Cetiera Carmona
Extras - Darrell Turner, Devon Ragsdale, Avery Bolerjack, Kay Harry, Zane Shay, Dylan Andrew, Alina Abridello, Jay Micheals, John Ruiz



GVTCRebrand_August2021 23.jpg

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