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Eric Burton before he got famous with the Black Pumas

Eric Burton before The Black Pumas

Mini-documentary of Eric Burton busking in the streets of Austin, before he got famous

Who is Eric Burton from Black Pumas?

The first time I saw Eric Burton perform he was playing solo acoustic on a Monday night at a dive bar called Sahara Lounge on the east side of Austin. He blew me away with his voice, but even more so with his songwriting. The tunes instantly stuck with you.


He had just arrived in town from California and was paying the bills by busking in downtown Austin. In fact, the day that we filmed the mini-doc below was the last day that he played on the street, due to the cop you see issuing him a warning. When he was in between housing, he slept on my couch for a couple nights. 

He was around Austin for a few years before the Black Pumas. He once opened up for my old band Shy Beast. When we partnered with Adrian Quesada of Grupo Fantasma & Brownout fame, I knew that he was headed for great things. 

Where is Eric Burton from?

Eric Burton from the Black Pumas is from the San Fernando valley. He started singing in church, when he saw that his brother got free candy whenever he went to church choir practice. He began busking on the Santa Monica Pier making a few hundred dollars a day. Then he began traveling, sometimes by hitchhiking, through the Western States busking along the way. He briefly studied music at New Mexico State University before settling down in Austin, Texas where he formed the Black Pumas with Adrian Quesada and sig

Bennett Creative LLC

Eric Burton in 2016

Bennett Creative LLC

Eric Burton and Adrian Quesada of The Black Pumas​ 2018

The Black Pumas​ 2018

Bennett Creative LLC

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