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The first time I saw Eric Burton perform was solo on a Monday night at Sahara Lounge on the eastside of Austin. He blew me away with his voice, but even more so with his songwriting. The tunes instantly stuck with you.


He had just arrived in town and was paying the bills by busking in downtown Austin. In fact, the day that we filmed was the last day that he played on the street, due to the cop you see issuing him a warning. 

Fast forward two years, Eric has teamed up with Austin super producer and band leader, Adrian Quesada, to form Black Pumas. They have a new album coming out and have been selling out clubs and touring Europe. 


I always knew Eric was headed for big things. This mini-documentary video production marks a moment in history, that he has far surpassed now. 

Eric Burton of Black Pumas - Busking in Austin

Directed by Andrew Bennett

Shot by Matt Infante

Bennett Creative LLC

Eric Burton in 2016

Bennett Creative LLC

Eric Burton and Adrian Quesada of The Black Pumas​ 2018

The Black Pumas​ 2018

Bennett Creative LLC

The Black Pumas, SXSW​ 2018

Tags: Eric Burton, Adrian Quesada, ​Black Pumas, Austin Video Production, Company, Andrew Bennett, Matt Infante, Documentary, Commerical

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