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Software Brand Video

The internet has changed our society in big ways. We have a world of helpful information at our finger tips, but there is also a world of potential harm out there, especially for young eyes. Canopy is trying to mitigate some of that harm. 

Canopy's mission is help kids and families enjoy all that the internet has to offer, while protecting them from its darker side. Canopy's cutting edge technology detects harmful content before it shows up on a device and cleans it off the page. They also offer other parental controls like Location Awareness and app filtering. 

When they approached us about video production, they had a unique challenge: How do we talk about the internet and its ills without being too pessimistic or fear-mongering. From scripting to post-production, we remained focused on the positives, and tried to strike a tone of comfort, rather than doom and gloom. 

The other challenge was shooting in the age of Covid-19. We wanted the talent to be able to interact with each other closely. Though it took some extra effort, we were able to cast two actual families for this spot, some with acting experience and some without. Each family gave a great performance.

We are excited to share this live action + motion graphics brand video with the world!

CANOPY​ - A Safer Way To Experience The Internet, Together

Featuring the Schwartz family and the Garcia family. 

Director / DP (2nd Unit) - Andrew Bennett

Writer/Designer - Isaiah Same

Motion Graphics / Designer - Dorothy Bennett
DP (1st Unit) - Peter Longno
Gaffer (1st Unit)- Keaton Loudamy
Swing (1st Unit) - Noble Walker

AC (1st Unit) / Editor - Blake Mendoza

Art Department (1st Unit) - Loleita Vatikani

AC (2nd Unit) - Renee Dominguez
HMU - Kristi Drake

Behind the Scenes


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