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Brand Explainer Video

AdQuick "Support Group" Video

One word for you. Billboards. Say goodbye to the headaches of out-of-home advertising!

Recently, we teamed up with AdQuick to produce a memorable and humorous commercial that will serve as an awareness spot in its short forms, and a consideration explainer video in its long form.  


Our team contributed the concept, script, set design, casting, location scouting, filming, and post-production. The creative concept for this video project focuses on a support group that aims to assist hopeless digital marketers in optimizing their sales funnels. 


We had a blast working with Adam, Chris, and the rest of the team at AdQuick. Huge thanks to our killer production crew who made this entire project come to life!

Austin Art Direction and Set Design

For the set design, we brought on The Kummerl Twins to lead the set design for this support group inspired commercial.


The art approach involved creating a vintage and old-school support group setting, while also maintaining a welcoming style by incorporating vibrant colors into the signs, tablecloths, and chairs. The objective of the art direction was to bring optimism into this dark environment where advertisers are coming forward with their stories. 

What is an Explainer Video?

Explainer videos like these are our bread and butter, and our favorite shoots to produce. They are the ultimate storytellers, using a combination of visuals, audio, and text to make information engaging and memorable.

And the best part? Explainer videos are not only informative, but they're also fun! With their colorful animations, engaging voiceovers, and catchy music, they're sure to leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Overall, explainer videos are a powerful marketing tool that can help businesses effectively communicate their value proposition and drive engagement and conversions.


Director - Andrew Bennett

Producer - Chaitlin Bell

DP - Blake Mendoza

AC - Jacob Voss

Gaffer - Peter Klemek

Grip - Stephen Laughrun

Swing - Isaac Rowry

Sound - Ryan Scanlin

Set Designer - Kayla Kummerl

Set Dresser - Victoria Terrell

Art Assistant - Adam Arasteh

Wardrobe - CJ Bierscheid

HMU - Shanae Coffman

DIT - Charlie Boothby

BTS Photo/Video - Elise Webb

PA/BTS Photo - Aidan Ross

PA - Jorge Bulness

PA - Bret Huston


Editor / Motion Graphics - Charlie Boothby

Asst. Editor - Bret Huston

Illustrator / Animator - Dorothy Bennett

Colorist - Blake Mendoza



Matthew B Henry, Matt Ramirez, Leah Luna, Richard Cerato, Lara Williams, Lynn Miller, Terrance Stevens, Chris Gadek, Erika Guillory

Behind the Scenes

Bennett Creative is an Austin-based video production and animation company that specializes in helping businesses of all sizes to craft their visual message through videography. 

Our team of experienced production team and animators work closely with each client to understand their unique needs and develop a custom video production strategy that aligns with their branding goals.

Based in central Austin, Bennett Creative is a video agency that specializes in crafting visual messages through video and animation for brands of all sizes. Over the past five years, we have collaborated with notable brands such as Tesla, Square, Indeed, Dell, Absolut Vodka, and Kendra Scott, which has enabled us to develop a streamlined production process.


Our services are designed to provide a turnkey solution that includes creativity and professionalism in equal measure. Some of the services we offer include: scripting and storyboarding, talent casting, location scouting, set design, wardrobe styling, cinema cameras and lighting, full post-production, and animation and motion graphics.

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