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Why Do Dentists Need Video Marketing?

Updated: Apr 3

Dental Video Marketing and Photography by Austin based commercial photographer Andrew Bennett

Dentists, like any other business, need to use marketing strategies to reach potential patients and grow their practice. In today's digital age, video marketing has emerged as a potent tool, with dental practices increasingly recognizing its potential. This blog explores the multifaceted use of video for dental practice marketing, drawing insights from industry experts and real success stories.

Why Do Dentists Need Video Marketing? Why is it Important?


1. Boosts Brand Awareness and Engagement

Why do dentists need video marketing? In today's digital landscape, establishing a robust online presence is not just advantageous; it's a necessity. Video marketing emerges as a dynamic tool within the digital marketing arsenal, demonstrating a proven capacity to significantly elevate brand awareness. Through visually engaging and shareable content, dental practices can leverage videos to reach a broader audience, fostering a memorable brand identity.

The interactive nature of videos ensures heightened audience engagement, enabling practices to connect with prospective patients on a more personal level. Furthermore, the longevity and share-ability of video content contribute to sustained brand exposure, making it a cost-effective strategy in the long run.

2. Showcases Team Culture: Sets Your Practice Apart

Distinguishing your dental practice involves more than just highlighting services; it requires showcasing the distinctive culture of your team. Expanding upon daily interactions, client engagement, and behind-the-scenes processes in your videos creates a multifaceted representation of your practice.

This personalized approach builds a strong connection with the audience, emphasizing the human aspect of your services. By aligning your videos with the values and focus of your practice, such as family-centric interactions, you not only set your practice apart but also provide potential patients with insights into the unique experience they can expect.

Dental Video Marketing and Photography by Austin based commercial photographer Andrew Bennett

3. Conveys an Inviting Environment: Overcomes Dental Fears

Dentistry often evokes fear in patients. Rather than exacerbating apprehensions with graphic depictions of procedures, create videos that focus on cultivating a soft and inviting environment. Showcase staff interactions in a welcoming waiting room, emphasize the comfort of dental chairs, and integrate positive client testimonials. The strategic use of soft lighting and encouraging smiles during filming not only highlights your services but actively works to reinforce an inviting atmosphere. By prioritizing a patient-centric approach, these videos play a pivotal role in alleviating fears, making dental visits more approachable and comforting for prospective patients.

Dental Video Marketing and Photography by Austin based commercial photographer Andrew Bennett

How to Do Dental Digital Marketing?

1. Utilize Google Video to Ranking Higher in Search Results

Google's adaptation to the "on-demand video" trend opens unique opportunities for dental practices opening up unique opportunities for dental practices seeking higher visibility. By leveraging Google Video, practices can position themselves at the forefront of search results, catering to the growing demand for video content in online searches.

The integration of dental videos into Google's search results landscape presents a compelling advantage for practices aiming to rank for competitive terms. Videos, when optimized strategically with relevant keywords and engaging content, have the potential to secure prominent positions in search results. This not only elevates the online presence of dental practices but also establishes them as authoritative sources in their respective fields.

Video content has been found to be more effective in boosting SEO than text-based content. By creating videos that are optimized with relevant keywords, titles, and descriptions, dentists can give their website's visibility a major boost and attract a whole bunch of potential patients to their site.

As you can see here, Google displays video content above the all-text results.

Dental Video Marketing and Photography by Austin based commercial photographer Andrew Bennett

2. Utilize YouTube for Patient Acquisition

With over 2 billion visitors per month, YouTube provides a vast platform to reach potential patients. Owned by Google, it offers the opportunity to rank higher, given that over 80% of ranking videos come from YouTube. This integration allows practices to share videos on their site, social media, and emails.

YouTube's user-friendly interface and widespread popularity contribute to increased engagement with your dental content. As viewers interact with and share your videos, the platform's algorithms recognize this activity positively. The more engagement your videos garner, the higher the likelihood of improved SEO rankings, ensuring that your dental practice remains visible to those actively seeking oral health solutions.

Incorporating YouTube into your dental marketing strategy is not just about creating compelling videos; it's a strategic move to elevate your SEO game. With a massive audience, the backing of Google, and seamless content distribution, YouTube becomes a catalyst for attracting and converting potential patients. Don't overlook the transformative potential of YouTube in reshaping your dental practice's online visibility and patient acquisition endeavors.

3. Enhance Website Traffic and SEO with Time Spent on Page

User engagement metrics play a pivotal role as Google's algorithms continuously evolve."Time spent on page" has emerged as a critical factor influencing search engine rankings. Incorporating dental videos strategically on your website becomes a potent tool for enhancing this metric, signaling to search engines that your content is valuable and engaging.

Dental website videos have a unique advantage in capturing and retaining viewer attention. Unlike text-based content, videos offer a dynamic and visually appealing medium that encourages users to spend more time exploring your site. Whether it's an informative video about your services or a virtual tour of your practice, engaging visual content compels visitors to stay longer, significantly impacting the "time spent on page" metric.

As visitors spend more time watching your dental videos, search engines interpret this as a positive signal. It indicates that your content is relevant, valuable, and worthy of user attention. These positive SEO signals contribute to the overall authority and relevance of your website, playing a vital role in securing higher rankings on searches related to your dental services.

Dental Video Marketing and Photography by Austin based commercial photographer Andrew Bennett

What is the Impact and Implementation of Dental Video Marketing?

1. It’s Affordable and Long-Term Impact

A standout advantage of dental marketing videos lies in their affordability and enduring nature, contributing to digital marketing endeavors over an extended period. Often classified as evergreen content, these videos can remain relevant for two to three years, providing a cost-effective means of sustaining online presence and engagement.

Utilize video content to enhance customer engagement on your website and social media platforms. Share informative, helpful, and entertaining videos that resonate with your audience, encouraging them to share and actively engage with your content. Consider crafting welcome videos, facility walkthroughs, or Q&A sessions addressing common questions prospective patients might have. During times of health crises, a video outlining the safety measures during in-person visits can prove especially valuable.

Professional videos on your website convey a sense of investment in your practice, reflecting positively on your expertise and the quality of care provided. As an unparalleled marketing tool, videos create a visually compelling representation of your practice's personality, fostering a connection with your audience.By now, I hope you've caught on to just how crucial video marketing can be for your dentistry business. Videos can help to engage patients, build trust, boost SEO, demonstrate procedures, and increase engagement.

2. Cost-Effective Advertising for Dentists

Video emerges as a potent avenue for engaging audiences and enhancing brand awareness. On Facebook, videos exhibit a 135% greater organic reach compared to photos, amplifying their impact. Moreover, a well-executed video campaign on Facebook Ads can offer impressive views per pennies spent.

Dental marketing with videos introduces a measurable dimension, allowing you to identify and tailor content for your specific audience. In contrast to traditional advertising methods like brochures and pamphlets, videos enable direct communication with your dental patients, establishing an instantaneous connection. Local TV commercials further amplify your digital presence, making them suitable for practices with multiple locations.

3. Growing Your Practice

Continuous improvement is integral to any successful dental practice. To distinguish yourself from competitors and ensure patient satisfaction, consider the efficacy of recruitment videos showcasing the work environment. Such videos have been shown to increase application rates, providing prospective employees with a glimpse into your practice's culture, operations, and overall ambiance.

Training staff through videos on patient communication skills translates into more booked appointments, improved closing ratios, and heightened patient satisfaction. Video proves to be a multifaceted asset, aiding in recruitment efforts and elevating the overall performance of your practice.


Video content stands as a fundamental channel for meeting consumers' informational needs. Medical practices that embrace online video content in their digital marketing campaigns gain a competitive edge in a landscape where video is projected to dominate digital strategies. The future of content creation and distribution is undeniably linked to online video, with marketers recognizing its unparalleled reach and engagement potential.

Dental video marketing works as a catalyst for competitive advantage, enabling practices to stand out, tell their unique story, and deliver value to patients. While video is a powerful tool, it should be complemented by a mobile-optimized website and a well-crafted Google My Business listing for optimal traffic generation. Investing in high-quality videos yields significant benefits, and this blog offers valuable insights into incorporating video effectively into your dental marketing plan.

When you do it right, video marketing can help you achieve your specific goals and yield some seriously impressive ROI. As digital marketing continues to dominate the landscape, dentists who make use of videos in their marketing strategy are setting themselves up for success.

If you're already convinced that video marketing is the way to go, then don't wait any longer - incorporate it into your marketing strategy for this year. Contact Bennett Creative today for a quote!


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