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I was always told that creative endeavors were great hobbies, but poor careers. And if I pursued a career in the arts, I better have a backup plan. 

At age 25, I found myself burned-out working a corporate sales & marketing job. Not wanting to spend another year giving only my leftover energy to my creative work, I finally made the jump. 

So how do you make that jump? How do you actually make money as an artist? How do you market yourself, and network to grow your business? How do you close the deal on a project?


These are the questions I had to answer along the way. Here is what I've learned...


Andrew Bennett is an award-winning, published, commercial photographer based in Austin, TX. He has worked with Adobe, Absolut Vodka, T-Mobile, Brinks and 100's of other brands. He and his partner, Dorothy Bennett, are the directors of Bennett Creative.