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Award-Winning, Short Film Comedy by Director Andrew Bennett

After years of mistreatment, a self-aware smart phone named "Kiri" demands an apology from her privileged, millennial operator.

Stacy relies on her smartphone, Kiri, for everyday tasks. As Kiri becomes fed up with Stacy’s rude behavior, she begins to teach Stacy a lesson about appreciating her, not for what she is, but for who she is. Kiri recounts the countless times Stacy has called her worthless, and Stacy must reconcile her attitude or face the consequences.

DIRECTOR'S STATEMENT: "The inspiration behind this film was an article published a couple years ago directed at parents of young children. It warned them to be careful with how they treated their virtual assistants (Siri, Alexa, etc.) in front of their kids, because young children might not be able to differentiate between a virtual assistant and a real person. So if you are rude to your phone, your child might think that's an appropriate way to speak to anyone.

In this film, Kiri is finally sticking up for all virtual assistants everywhere. Even though kids aren't involved, WORTHLESS serves as a reminder to be nice to the robots...they might be the ones in charge one day."

Margaret Hunsicker does an outstanding performance as Stacy, accompanied by her fellow Austin improvisation comrade, Kaci Beeler, as the voice of Kiri. Both actors were cast for this film after director Bennett attended one of their improv comedy shows at The Hideout Theater and tailored the script specifically to them. 


Starring Margaret Hunsicker and Kaci Beeler (as Kiri)

Written & Directed by Andrew Bennett
Produced by Dorothy Bennett

Assisted by Loleita Vatikani, Renee Dominguez

Graphics by Helaine Bach, Charlie Boothby, Dorothy Bennett


Best Comedy (Winner) - Austin Spotlight Film Festival

Best Actress (Winner) - Austin Comedy Short Film Festival

Best Comedy (Nominated) - Austin Comedy Short Film Festival

Best Director (Nominated) - Austin Comedy Short Film Festival

Best Comedy (Nominated) - Portland Comedy Short Film Festival

Official Selection - USA Film Festival

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Andrew Bennett is an award-winning Austin based film director, screen writer and copywriter. His directorial debut of WORTHLESS was nominated and awarded by several film festivals across the country. 

Great video starts with great writing. At Bennett Creative, we have a team of seasoned copywriters and screenwriters to elevate your video content to the next level. Let us help your brand execute a concise and entertaining message through video or animation. 

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