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Walker Lukens - "Baby" Music Video

Edited & Animated by Dorothy Bennett

Directed by Andrew Bennett

Walker Lukens has long been one of my favorite Austin acts. He writes fun, catchy songs and puts on one of the best live shows in town. We've photographed a few of his performances and those shots remain some of our favorite music photos. 

Walker is also a marketing savant and I've always enjoyed his different schemes for getting exposure. So many people make good music, but so few of them know how to build and audience and retain it. That's why it's always interesting to see what Walker's up to. 

A lot of his ideas involve getting his fans to participate in more ways than just listening and dancing, though plenty of people do that too. This music video project was signature in this regard. 

Walker came to us with the idea of transforming his oft-deployed blue trailer intp a photo booth and parking it outside of Cheer Up Charlies for people to use for free. We teamed up with local party photo company, Smilebooth, who generously lended us a GIF booth, and let it run for two nights straight at CUC. 


We had no idea how the night would turn out, and pretty limited direction on how the video would edit, but we knew that hundreds of GIFs of Austinites was bound to produce amazing results, and would be lots of fun for everyone who participated. Plus, they would get to listen to the single "Baby" before it came out and be a part of the content that would become this music video. 

We captured 150+ people in that sweaty photo booth. Then did a day of filming with the band. Dorothy killed it with the tryptic edit and added in a handful of animations. Here you have it. Enjoy the Official Music Video for Walker Luken's "Baby."

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