& Estimated Timelines

Thank you for your interest in having Bennett Creative handle your video needs. We have years of experience helping brands of all sizes articulate their story in beautifully concise visual messages.


Below you will find a general template of how the process works. However, every project is different and most aspects of this process can be customized to fit your video goals. 

FIRST STEPS (1 - 2 Weeks)

After receiving an inquiry, we will spend time on your website and social media channels to get a feel for your brand and current marketing materials. 


We invite you to download and fill out our Creative Brief to jumpstart our first conversations. You don't need to know the answers to every question- we are happy to work through them with you. 


Oftentimes, we’ll even pitch a few story ideas in our first conversation.



After the initial meeting, we’ll put together a formal proposal with a budget and a treatment, and submit it to you for feedback.



Once the treatment is approved, we will reserve a date for filming and invoice for a 1/2 deposit. Dates can be moved up to a week in advance, but any non-recoverable expenses (flights, rentals, etc.) will be passed on to the client. 



We request 1/2 the total budget in advance to hold dates and continue with pre-production. The second half is due upon the delivery of the final products. 



It’s our goal to keep you in the loop as much as you care to be. We offer the following pre-production services, depending on the project & budget. Bigger projects, and anything dependent on more narrative work get the full list. 

  1. Visual Research - Mood boards, reference videos, etc. Sometimes this takes place beforehand, during the treatment and proposal phase.

  2. Location Scouting - We can shop location options and send them to your for approval

  3. Scripting  - Our staff of experienced screenwriters can use your goals and industry verbiage to inspire and craft punchy scripts that are concise and articulate. 

  4. Interview Questions - We have years of experience conducting interviews and providing leading questions to get each soundbite needed to weave your story together. 

  5. Casting Talent - We can submit casting calls and provide you with the best options and suggestions for your final selection. ​

  6. Schedule - Letting you know when you and certain locations will be needed for the shoot. 

  7. Shot List - Mostly to the benefit of our camera department, we assemble an in-depth shot list of what we will capture on shoot days. However, we welcome client collaboration to ensure we are capturing exactly what you want. 

  8. Call Sheets - A few days before the shoot day, we will send out a final sheet that includes all the locations, call and wrap times for crew and talent, as well as contact information for everyone involved. 

  9. Crew - We have a core crew that works with us on almost every project, and we add more members depending on the project needs and budget. 



Every production looks different from a creative standpoint, but here are a few logistical things we might need your help with if we are shooting at your office or home. 


See Behind the Scenes on a handful of our recent shoots. 


Parking/Load In - Where is the best place load in and park for crew and talent? 

Gear Storage - We will arrive with about 20 pieces of gear. If we are shooting at your office or home, let us know a good place to store equipment where it will be out of the shots, but still accessible. We will also need some outlets for charging and powering equipment. 

Air Conditioner - It’s a good idea to cool the space about 10 degrees colder an hour before we arrive, because 1) we might need to open doors to load in & out, 2) we might have to turn off the AC during interviews/monologues to reduce noise, 3) people tend to sweat more while on camera, due to the warm lights and nerves. 

Recording Audio - If we are recording audio for interviews or voiceover, we will need a location where noise is at a minimum. We apologize in advance if we have to call out, “Quiet on the set!” 

Wifi - Please let us know how we can log in on set. 


All of our equipment is cinema-grade. More than just being 4k, our cameras have high-dynamic range (btw 13-16 f-stops) and film in RAW and/or Pro-Res 422. Feel free to ask us what all of that means!

We own all of our own equipment. On 90% of our projects, we do not need to rent additional gear, but we are happy to do so in order to augment the shoot. 


We have a $1,000,000 commercial general liability insurance policy. 



We start cranking away on piecing everything together. By this time, if we’ve done our jobs well during pre-production and production, we’re all on the same page with how the video should look at the end, but we will continue to keep you in the loop on any changes or suggestions.


Once we have a rough cut:

  • We will deliver a draft that we believe is 90% finished. 

  • All drafts will be delivered through the Vimeo Review platform. There, you can leave notes at specific timestamps, even specific spots of the frame.

  • This first cut usually has a "watermarked" song in it, pending your approval of the music. Once approved, we will purchase the license to the music.

  • One round of revisions is included on all projects. Additional rounds of revisions can be requested on a per project basis. 

  • Please compile ALL notes from all parties involved, before submitting those changes to us to begin the second round of edits. 

Once editing is complete, we will deliver the final file through Vimeo. Download the "Original" file when prompted. 

Our standard distribution license allows you to use the final video online however you like across the US, in perpetuity. For 98% of our clients, this arrangement more than suffices for their purpose for the video. Let us know if you plan on distributing the video outside of the country or on television. 


  • From time to time, clients will ask if we can incorporate previously shot footage or stock footage. We strongly recommend against both in order to keep quality consistent in the final product. 

  • We grant a virtually unlimited, perpetual distribution license to all of our final videos. For 98% of our clients, this license more than suffices for their marketing purposes. Keeping with industry best-practices and US Copyright Law, Bennett Creative inherently owns the copyright to any footage, photos, animations or project files we create. Exceptions can be made and should be discussed in advance. 

  • As a general rule of thumb, we do not hand over any project files or RAW footage. These are proprietary files that contain internal business information that we do not wish to disseminate.