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The Watters - Set You Free (Official Music Video)

Director - Andrew Bennett

Producer - Dorothy Bennett

Director of Photography - Juan Gonzalez

Art Director - Matthew Blissard

Production Team - Marshall Witte

Starring - Will Schrat

More Watters Below

The Watters - Something In The Stars (Live)

Live from their album release party at Antone's

Editor and 2nd Cam - Juan Gonzalez

1st Cam - Andrew Bennett

Press from Parade Magazine:


Austin-based act The Watters have just shared a new video for their song “Set You Free.” The song, from their recent release, The Watters, is enhanced by this sweet video story of a boy and his goldfish. Set to a cool horn-laden, organ-rocking soul arrangement, The Watters lay down this tune with swagger.

The Watters share, “In general, we like to keep our songs positive with it being such a dark time in the world. This one in particular is about music as a form of therapy for people—to take them away from their worries and elevate them to another level, almost spiritual. It’s a reminder to let go and not fight the current of life.”

The video is directed by Andrew Bennett, and follows the story of a young hero and his goldfish, it’s obvious that The Watters’ are never ones to take themselves too seriously, even as their songs thematically tap into raw human experiences.

“This song is so catchy that I wanted to match it with a theme that is similarly relatable,” Bennett adds. “I share a hometown with Wes Anderson and I’m a big fan of his work… we knew it would be a fun project to emulate [his] style in some of the shots. This video was also our young hero Will Schrat’s on-screen debut, and he knocked it out of the park. When people watch this video, I hope they just have fun with it. I hope you get those end-of-summer happy vibes.”

Nestled in the unassuming hills of central Texas, Jenna and Daniel Watters and their seven-piece band have started a raucous revival of the big band Americana sound. Having been called “Fleetwood Mac with a horn section,” their new record features lingering melodies, lively horn riffs, and stunning locked-in harmonies that can only come from years of intimate practice.

Almost a direct response to their debut effort as a band, Great Unknown, their sophomore effort is filled with self-discovery and confidence as a result of their journey. Recorded with some of Austin’s finest session musicians (Trevor Nealon of Band of Heathens, Anthony Farrell of Greyhound, Tijuana Train Wreck Horns of Shinyribs), The Watters is full of the rich experience and expert contributions of everyone involved. Well-crafted songwriting and intricately woven instrumental and vocal collaboration are the corner stones of the new album.

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Live From Antone's​

The Watters - Something In The Stars (Live)

Live from their album release party at Antone's

Editor and 2nd Cam - Juan Gonzalez

1st Cam - Andrew Bennett

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