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Terry & Kelly

Brand Video, Photography & FAQ Videos

Attorney Video Marketing

When an opportunity comes along to work with people helping people, we are interested.

Terry & Kelly are the dynamic duo fighting for justice in hundreds of personal injury cases across Texas. With an emphasis on empathy and compassion, these two use their extensive litigation experience to walk clients through the often overwhelming process of defending themselves.  

Despite and in light of the vulnerable and, at times, difficult nature of their cases, Terry & Kelly maintain an inspiring balance of seriousness & softness, with a bit of humor sprinkled in to help lighten the mood along the way.

Brand Photography for Lawyers

Law branding is frequently overdone, with cheesy, in-your-face advertising that feels far from genuine. Bennett Creative wanted to change that.

When working with clients who are in the midst of a difficult time, we felt it was important to highlight the humanity of Terry & Kelly. By telling their unique stories of personal trials and triumphs, we were able to underline the heart behind the work that they do. With a focus on environmental, lifestyle photography, we were also able to visually invite potential clients into their office and mission-- a first-step in the pursuit for justice.

Creating a well-rounded and honest body of content for clients is what fuels everything we do. We were honored to work with Terry & Kelly, to put together a package that provided their warm introduction to the ones who need it.

Austin Attorney Photography
Attorney SEO Videos

We work with lawyers to help them craft their message into a beautiful story video. Video marketing offers numerous advantages for attorneys, revolutionizing the way they engage with clients and enhance their practice. First, videos humanize attorneys, making them more approachable and relatable, as potential clients can see their demeanor and expertise firsthand. This fosters trust and credibility, vital in the legal profession.

Second, video content allows attorneys to showcase their knowledge effectively. By creating informative videos on legal topics, they can position themselves as authoritative thought leaders, attracting a broader audience. Additionally, video content can be shared across various platforms, increasing brand visibility and reaching potential clients who might not have encountered them otherwise.

Award-winning photographer, Andrew Bennett, brings years of experience, high-end equipment and a professional crew to every shoot. High-end photography offers significant advantages for attorneys, elevating their professional image and online presence. A well-crafted gallery of images on their website and social media profiles can establish trust and credibility with potential clients. Personalized attorney photos humanize the practice, fostering stronger connections. Moreover, compelling visuals can effectively showcase office spaces, team members, and community involvement, reinforcing the firm's values and professionalism. High-quality photography enhances an attorney's brand, leaving a lasting positive impression on clients and helping to stand out in a competitive legal landscape.

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