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I cannot think of anything better than fresh clean air.

We had a lot of fun with this project. We were able to mix both animation and video to highlight Smart UV's unique function and purpose. This device is awesome! You leave this in a room all by itself while it kills off germs and bacteria making the air quality outstanding. 

When developing the preproduction for this project we wanted to ensure that people understood what Smart UV did and how it worked. One of the challenges that we were faced was not being able to turn on the device because of the technology that this device uses. However, this allowed us to have a lot of fun in post by using our talented animation team to add the light to the Smart UV and bacteria animation. 



Director & Editor: Dorothy Bennett

Producer: Andrew Bennett

Art & Wardrobe: Loleita Vatikani

Assist: Renee Dominguez & Jackson Blair 

Talent: Patrick Sims, Katusha Roberts, Demaris Jones, Arturo Gonzalez


by Andrew Bennett & Renee Dominguez

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