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Music Video by Director Dorothy Bennett

When the Texas Snow Storm of 2021 postponed this music vide shoot, we were a little worried that our window of opportunity was closing to shoot one of our favorite music video pitches. Dorothy was 8-months pregnant and the storm set us back a few weeks. With the baby capable of showing up any day, we soldiered on and produced one of our proudest projects of the pandemic!

In addition to working with the insanely talented Primo The Alien and her infectious song, "Thunder," there were a couple other elements that really excited us about this shoot. First, Primo had teamed up with Andrew's old Shy Beast bandmate, Mariclaire Glaeser, to choreograph a dance performance to her song. Second, due to concerts being suspended by the pandemic, we were able to rent out ACL 3Ten and their LED wall. Dorothy designed a series of graphics to play on the wall and 3Ten lended us their Light Director, Brian Schrumpf.

All of these elements came together for one of our favorite music video projects yet!

Primo The Alien - Thunder (Director's Cut)

Director - Dorothy Bennett
DP - Andrew Bennett
Choreography - Mariclaire Glaeser
Lighting Director - Bryan Schrumpf
1st AC - Blake Mendoza
Assist - Jackson Blair, JP Bremer
Music produced by Primo The Alien and Co-produced by Taylor Webb

BTS Photos by Tony Trapanese

We are an Austin based video production company specializing in artful videos, photography and animation for brands and artists

Directors Andrew and Dorothy Bennett got their start in the Austin music scene and working with musicians are our favorite

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