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Life Goals and Targets and Benchmarks, oh my! No one ever said reaching for the stars would be easy, but Papercode definitely makes it easier.

"Goal clarity is your way to the stars!"

Life is busy and, from what we can tell, it doesn't seem to be slowing down any time soon. With an ever-growing list of commitments, responsibilities and to-do's, it can be tough to find the time to dream about the future, let alone take steps in the direction of your dreams.

We really love the idea behind Papercode's 'The Simple Elephant' planner. An effortless, step-by-step series of weekly prompts and reminders, to keep your goals from going stagnant! On top of helping you to hone in on your vision, it also provides space for affirmations and expressions of gratitude, so that your forward motion stays motivated with ongoing doses of positivity and encouragement.

We worked with Papercode to create vibrant lifestyle imagery that reflects the excitement of vision-casting and the pursuit of life goals. We also created several brand videos for them, highlighting several other organizational products.

It was a pleasure working with their wonderful team of go-getters. We left feeling inspired and, thanks to The Simple Elephant planner, more motivated than ever to reach for the stars!



by Renee Dominguez

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