Motion Graphics

  How Are Motion Graphics Different From Animation?

If you've never worked with a video production house before, you might not know that motion graphics and animation are actually two slightly different things. Technically, motion graphics are a subset of animation. They focus on moving graphic design elements, while animation can mean anything from cartoons to claymation. Here's a breakdown of the differences to help you learn more.

What Are Motion Graphics?

When you speak of motion graphics, you're actually referring to graphic design elements that would otherwise be motionless, known as static, and turning them into something that moves slightly. When the lines of your bar graph jump up, that's motion graphics. When the logo of your website spins around as the page loads, that's motion graphics.

What is Animation?

To put it broadly, any technique that makes static images move is called animation. This could encompass hand-drawn cartoons, CGI, anime, claymation, or motion graphics. Animation focuses on storytelling, including cinematic effects, to create a narrative that your audience will respond to.

So, What's the Difference?

Whether or not a story being told is often the deciding factor in whether something qualifies as motion graphics or animation. For motion graphics, there is usually not a story. It is simply a graphic image that is in motion. For animation, there are often characters involved that are moving through the narrative.

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