Media Companies In Austin

  3 Reasons Media Companies in Austin are the Way to Go

It's no secret that video is a highly sought-after marketing strategy. Nearly four out of five people watch digital video each week, and nearly half watch a video every day. This means it's as popular as television was in the 1950s. With the popularity of video, here are three reasons to add it to your marketing strategy.

Better Results

Content marketing, SEO, and PPC are all great marketing strategies. But there's still one thing missing. Without a digital video strategy, you are liking aiming in the dark. With a clear strategy, you can execute media companies in Austin to create the kinds of videos that will generate engagement and drive conversions. The wider the audience, the more leads you can get!

Wider Audience

You have more than one customer so you need more than one version of your message to reach them. With an Austin video company, you can create multiple versions of the same message that speak to the values of each different audience persona. This is often much cheaper than trying to capture every persona through PPC.

Brand Affinity

People love brands they can trust and what better way to build trust than to show them your face! Feature your C-suite and other employees in your videos and your audience will understand that there's a heart beneath your brand. When you show heart, they'll be more likely to trust you and spend their money with you.

Bennett Creative is a Top Austin Video Company

If you've been searching for media companies in Austin, look no further than Bennett Creative. We can create a wide range of marketing videos to serve any kind of business. Please contact us today to learn more about our services and what we can do to help elevate your brand.