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Löwin - Ghost of Mine

Directed by Andrew Bennett

Asst. Director Dorothy Bennett

2nd Cam Op - Juan Gonzalez

Löwin is one of our favorite Austin bands, so when they approached us about shooting their music video, it was a very quick "Yes."

In our pre-production meeting they mentioned that for this video, they didn't want to do a lot of acting, but would be happy to just be the band. We stayed fairly close to that directive with the "Ghost of Mine" music video. There's a through line of the band playing the whole song, and making a few cameos as ghosts haunting a house for sale in East Austin.

We want to throw out a huge thank you to everyone for who helped out with this production, including our leads, Laura Frances (Realtor) and Gianna Jolly (Homebuyer), and the wonderful ensemble of House Shoppers. You guys did a great job and were all a pleasure to work with! 

Also, big thanks to our production crew. Per usual, we couldn't have done it without you. 

Enjoy these behind the scenes photos by local shutter hunk, Marshall Tidrick

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