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Music Video by Director Andrew Bennett

My buddy, Lonesome Rhodes, and I had been talking about a music video for quite some time. The stars aligned during my parental leave. I started my leave a couple weeks before Dorothy's due date, and was able to work on some creative projects during the wait. 

I hit up Lonesome and told him, "I'm free. I have a new camera I want to play around with. And I have this box of smoke bombs that I've been meaning to get rid of"

The result is the music video you see below, shot in one evening, on a Canon R5. 

Lonesome Rhodes - Time Won't Lie
Director - Andrew Bennett
Editor & Pyrotechnics - Blake Mendoza

We are an Austin based video production company specializing in artful videos, photography and animation for brands and artists

Directors Andrew and Dorothy Bennett got their start in the Austin music scene and working with musicians are our favorite

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