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Tech Product Video 

Directed by Dorothy Bennett

Keyo is debuting their new biometric technology and this video at the Women's World Cup 2019 in France. They approached Bennett Creative about creating a quick-read commercial that would demonstrate how their palm scanner works with a diverse cast.

Their technology can be used in a variety of ways. Instead of carrying a key fob to get into your apartment or office, scan your palm. Instead of needing to carry a credit card, or concert tickets, just scan your palm. All kinds of info can be saved to this biometric that is unique to you. 

Dorothy Bennett directed this tech commercial using a series of quick cuts set to percussive music. We wanted to show that this is cutting edge technology with the purpose of making a fast-paced life more manageable.


Keyo is making an international debut, so it is fitting that this production was coordinated across the world. We had our first video call with the San Francisco company while in New York City, we shot the footage in Austin, and then completed the post-production while on a trip to Spain. The video will be debuting in France, and then distributed internationally. 


We love working with startups and tech companies, and we're pretty used to the excitement and tight deadlines that come with the territory. From our initial call to the final video delivery was a 16 day turnaround!

Big thanks to our crew, cast, and friend that helped us bring everything together! And big thanks to Noah Marion in Austin, TX for lending us his store just down the road from our South Lamar office. We were able to create several different settings all in his shop and co-working space. 

We're excited to see what's next for Keyo and their brilliant technology!

KEYO - Tech Product Video

Directed by Dorothy Bennett
Produced by Andrew Bennett

DP - Juan Gonzalez
Art Director - Leita Vatikani
Gaffer - Renee Dominguez
PA - Helaine Bach

Thank you to Noah Marion for

letting us use your beautiful store!



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