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Kendra Scott

Influencer Videos & Photography

Influencers + Everybody's Favorite Hometown Jewelry Co.

Yellow boxes filled with jewelry make for a great holiday present. That's what we were going for during this series with several big Texas influencers and Kendra Scott. The KS team reached out to us about doing a photo and video combo with three of Instagram's favorite stars: Sazan Hendrix, HK Cung, and Dede Radd. 

Photo & Video Content for Instagram

A common request that we love to fulfill is to shoot photography and videography side by side. Since the start we have always had a love for stills and motion, so it was a natural fit to team up with Kendra Scott for a big batch of usable content from our video and photo shoot.

Locations + Art Direction

The nice thing about working with influencers is that their homes are beautifully designed. While we frequently provide location scouting and art direction for our shoots, those bases were totally covered working with these three subjects. They were also a lot of fun and very practiced on camera. As an Austin production company, we love project like these.

Lifestyle Photography
Bennett Creative Kendra Scott Austin Video Production Company

Bennett Creative is an Austin-based video and photo production company. We works with brands, big and small, helping them to craft their visual message through videography and photography.

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