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It's easy to take the small stuff for granted.


We love any brand that cares about improving the lives of others, no matter how seemingly small or large. For some people, enjoying a morning cup o' joe isn't as simple as it may be for you or me. Jamber's team of hand surgeons, occupational therapists, and bio-engineers know that and are dedicated to redefining how consumer products are designed.

The Jamber mug was thoughtfully made to reduce hand strain which, if left untreated, can result in pain, arthritis and carpal tunnel. By creating a model that allows for a comfortable hold, one that works with your hand's natural form rather than against it, Jamber mugs help you to hold the drinks you love.

We loved working with this team of talent to create these colorful, informative and fun product videos & photography. 





Austin Video Company

Are you looking for professional commercial video for your eCommerce marketing? Bennett Creative has collaborated with dozens of Amazon brands in to make product and lifestyle videos and photography. Reach out today for Austin Video Production.

We specialize in Amazon videos and photos. Hire a professional photographer and Austin videographer for your eCommerce brand. We know how to make marketing that catches eyes. Reach out to Bennett Creative as your Austin Video Company.

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