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"JOY" Music Video,

Directed by Andrew Bennett

A few years ago we were attending a birthday party at Treaty Oaks distillery. As we ventured back to the bar, we were distracted by the music coming from the stage. We must have stood there for 30 minutes listening to Jackie Venson shred through a litany of catchy songs, and flashing her signature smile.  

Jackie is much bigger act these days. She's been on a few world tours and just won "Best Guitar Player" by the Austin Chronicle. We were elated to get a call from Jackie's manager about a music video for her unreleased single, "Joy." As you know, or will soon find out, it's totally infectious. We committed in a heartbeat.



Early in pre-production, we started thinking about color as symbolism, and brainstormed the way color has been used throughout literature and how we could apply it to the different sections of Jackie's song. As soon as the color motif was introduced, our next thought was to reach out to Chris Rogers about collaborating on a few art installations for the production. Turns out, Jackie had already been talking to him about doing a live painting at her show, so all parties were game. Chris took over our garage for a week to knock out these gorgeous 12' x 9' canvases. 


We set up shop at St. Elmo's Soundstage for full day of studio video production. ​With a cast of friends and a crew of our favorite people in the world, we shot through 5 different color scenes, and got "Joy" stuck in our heads for eternity. 

It's projects like these that make you appreciate the communal aspect of video production. There are 11 beautiful people (listed below) behind the scenes who helped us pull off this project and we appreciate you guys so much!

We must also give a huge shout out to Art Director, Leita Vatikani, for her work on this video. Her set design, wardrobe assembly, and choreography tied a bow on this entire project. 

The music video premiered on June 5th through EARMILK.

We hope you enjoy, Jackie Venson's "Joy."

Jackie Venson - "Joy" (Official Music Video)

Directed by Andrew Bennett

Produced by Dorothy Bennett

Art Installations by Chris Rogers

Director of Photography - Juan Gonzalez

Art Director - Leita Vatikani

Assistant Producer - Helaine Bach

Hair & Makeup - Bethany Renfro

Production Asst. - Marshall Witte

Production Asst. - Renee Dominguez

Production Asst/BTS Photos - Carson Blair

Production Asst./Ex Boyfriend - Chris Harold

Extras: Winry Embry, Frederick Milling Jr., Ashley Lundsten, Tyrone Smith, Jen Neve, Andrew Dangerfield,


Special Thanks to St. Elmo Soundstage


by Carson Blair

Tags: Jackie Venson, Joy, Bennett Creative, Austin, Video Production, Company, Music Video, Director, Andrew Bennett, Dorothy Bennett

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