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Master Class Instructional Videos

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If ever there was a shoot where we needed to be taking notes behind the camera, it was this one. 


Anatasia Casey, Founder of The Identité Collective, reached out to us to produce this incredible informative and inspiring master class about branding and marketing. Casey works specifically with interior designers, but much of the course is could apply to any creative entrepreneur. We feel very lucky to have been a part of this shoot!

We shot all of the content in her gorgeous home. Below you will find a promo video for the course, sampling the 30+ videos we shot.

We loved working with this creative leader on her online courses!


Austin Video Company

Solidify your expertise by producing online courses that are engaging and high quality. Our professional media team of video producers and directors will help elevate the look and production of your instructional videos. 

We pair experienced direction with high-end camera and audio equipment to make the quality of your online videos match your expertise. Reach out to Bennett Creative today to discuss video production for your brand or company. 

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