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Narrative Telecom Video Production

GVTC is a regional telecom company based in San Marcos. Bennett Creative wrote and produced "What's Your WiFi Score" to encourage GVTC's users to try their WiFi Score Quiz, in order to see what speed suits them best.  

Like many of our clients, GVTC was looking to take a great idea and craft it into a vision. We wanted to capture the diverse audience of WiFi users and encourage people to take GVTC's well designed WiFI quiz.  

Bennett Creative put together a commercial video to showcase the benefits of working with GVTC in seeking your WiFi score. 

We love being able to do turnkey content like this for our clients. 


Director/Producer - Andrew Bennett
DP - Peter Longno
AC - Blake Mendoza
Gaffer - Keaton Loudamy
Swing - Hunter Brown
Art Director - Loleita Vatikani
HMU - Kristi Drake
Editor - Ben Montez
GFX - Dorothy Bennett
Color - Sam Butler
BTS Photos - Renee Dominguez

Starring Stanton Longoria and Ashlyn Evans


Behind the Scenes

Are you looking for professional media production for your company's marketing? Bennett Creative has collaborated with hundreds of brands to help them tell their story through photo & video content.

When it comes to marketing your company, not all content is created equal. Bennett Creative listens to your branding goals and crafts custom photo and video packages to make sure your website and social media are set apart from the competition

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