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We were elated to capture this video of the songwriter supergroup's last show at the Historic Scoot Inn in Austin, TX. Glorietta boasts a lineup from Americana paradise with Matthew Logan Vazquez (Delta Spirit), Noah Gunderson, David Ramirez, Kelsey WIlson (Wild Child), Jason Robert Blum, and Adrian Quesada (Black Pumas, Brownout). The footage is set to their studio single, "Heatstroke."

The backstage area of Scoot Inn was filled with laughter, cigarettes, and hugs as the six stars of Glorietta got ready for their final performance. Their opening act, The Texas Gentlemen, were finishing up a set in front of a packed house at the historic venue on the east side of Austin. Most of the merch was already sold out. There were smiles across the venue, as if everyone involved felt the touch of history we were all about to take part in.


It's rare in music for a project to be finite, which is why Glorietta is so special. It's just one album and one run of shows, and that's it. That seemed to lend itself to the band members light heart at the last show. When you already know the entry and exit point, you can just enjoy it while it lasts. 

The night was full of bonhomie. From Kelsey and David dancing cheek to cheek, to Noah and Matthew drawing out each other's inner rockstars, the friendship on stage was evident, almost allowing the music to take a backseat. 

Putting together a supergroup runs the risk of making the story, the simple occurrence of the group, outshine the music. But not in this case. The album produced by Glorietta bandmembers, Adrian Quesada and Matthew Logan Vasquez, is one of my favorites of the year. Granted, a lot of it sounds like singles from each songwriter, but there are some magical moments, like on "Heatstroke", where the amicable collaboration of the six is apparent. 

It was a pleasure for Dorothy and me to shoot and produce this little tribute video. As a fan, it's something special to remember the short-lived act.


Viva Glorietta. 

Noah Gundersen

Matthew Logan Vasquez
Kelsey Wilson
Adrian Quesada
Jason Robert Blum
David Ramirez

Glorietta - Heatstroke (Live Footage from Scoot Inn)

Studio recording, "Heatstroke," by Glorietta

Shot by Andrew Bennett

Edited by Anna Richards


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