Corporate Video

  3 Ways to Use Corporate Video

A lot of times, big corporations don't think they need video as part of their marketing strategy. Between social media, SEO, and word of mouth, their name is already out there and their target market already knows all about them. However, having strategic videos can be a great benefit to your website visitors or social media followers. Here are three ways to use corporate video in your business.

Training Videos

When you on-board new employees, how do you train them? Do you sit them down in front of a computer and have another, more senior, staff member walk them through the day, step by step? This is time consuming and can be an infringement on your current employee's time. Instead, create videos that show your new employee how to get work done and you'll save time and money.

Executive Leadership

Whether for recruitment, new hires, or your audience at large, introducing the people in charge is a great way to build trust and brand affinity. Have everyone in your C-suite sit down for a short interview. These videos should be no more than 2-3 minutes long and they can discuss their education, experience, and why they love working at your corporation.

Client Testimonials

People love to gush about the companies that make them happy. Give your clients or customers a platform to discuss your relationship together and why they love you. If appropriate, include case study statistics about business growth and ROI to really engage your audience and encourage new clients to contact you.

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