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Product & Lifestyle Photography + Animation

Content for Amazon Listings

We have worked with Angry Orange on a handful of shoots for their different Amazon listings. We've served as photographer for lifestyle photos, white background product photos, and most recently we produced a series of these animation product videos. 

Our very own Helaine Bach knocked out a series of these over two weeks. They will serve as eye catching and differentiating content on the Angry Orange e-commerce sites. 

Below we have some examples of the product and lifestyle photography we have shot for Angry Orange. The product photos were taken in our studio on South Lamar. The lifestyle photos feature Austin model Megan Willin along with feline talent, Gato, and canine talent, Annie. 

Client, Mallory Ashwander, has been a dream to work with on these projects, producing and providing creative direction along the way to ensure the branding staying cohesive for Angry Orange. 

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