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Non-Profit Brand Video & Instructional Videos

We were really excited to get a call from the Amala Foundation to produce a brand video and bank of 30 instructional videos for their new orientation website. We shot the content over the course of two days at Vuka Collective and two schools in Austin. 

Though we were behind the camera, we couldn't help in participating in their mindfulness, breathing, and meditation exercises. Now we just want to be a part of this amazing organization!

The Amala Foundation "inspires people of all ages and backgrounds to connect with themselves and others, grow as individuals, and serve as conscious leaders in their communities." They do this through facilitator-led get-togethers and exercises. It is a really inspiring community and we loved getting to work with them on this video content. 



Directed by Andrew Bennett
Editor -  Ben Montez
Camera Op - Renee Dominguez
Camera Op / Gaffer - Blake Mendoza
Motion Graphics - Helaine Bach & Charlie Boothby

Instructional Edits - Helaine Bach

Instructional Videos

Video stills

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