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In this documentary video, a community rallies to save their school and their town

There's an amazing story here. We got a call this spring from Jenny Maclennan, an old high school friend, asking "Do you happen to have any trips to Colorado planned this summer?" 

The town of Agate, Colorado is one hour southeast from Denver Airport, out on the plains. It's a rural community, with a tiny town center that has been slowly diminishing. They lost their grocery store, then their gas station, and a couple of years ago were on the verge of losing their school. 


That's when Jenny stepped in. If the school goes away, the town goes away, and the community is no longer a community. The school is where any and every community function is held, and the kids would have to bus out to other school districts, which might lead to higher taxes for the farmers and ranchers. 

Jenny got herself elected to the school board and is spearheading a whole makeover of the school to attract more students. They have hired some amazing teachers. Their Agriculture teacher is a legend in Colorado. The new social studies teacher is a PhD candidate. 

They went from 3 students in 2016, to 10 students in 2017, and now are hoping to recruit around 30 students for the 2018-2019 school year. 

We shot this video to be promoted on Facebook to get the word out the Agate School is brand new again and open for enrollment. 

Thank you Jenny and Dawson for all your hospitality and to the good people of Agate, who were such a pleasure to work with!

Agate School (Director's Cut)

Directed by Andrew Bennett

Produced by Dorothy Bennett

Special Thanks to Jenny Maclennan and the Agate School

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